Training the Modern Workforce: Mobile Learning for Your Business

Posted by Adam Wagner on Apr 10, 2019 11:47:21 AM

Distance learning, eLearning, LMS, LXP—there are tons of terms floating around about how technology is revolutionizing the way we learn. But when it comes to business, mobile learning—or mLearning—is gaining traction and here to stay.

mLearning uses mobile technology to deliver learning and training materials that are context-aware, on-demand, and just in time. It’s less structured and formal than a traditional eLearning course, focusing less on memorizing and knowledge retention and more on skill and experience. Learners are able to quickly access key data and review relevant information about a task to improve their productivity and make better-informed decisions in real time. And the more mobile technology grows, the easier it will be to harness this potential for company-related training and knowledge dissemination.

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Topics: Mobile Learning, Training, Enterprise, mLearning, Business

What Is Extended Enterprise, and How Can mLearning Help?

Posted by Adam Wagner on Apr 9, 2019 5:59:31 PM

A lot of articles have been written explaining the benefits and opportunities that mLearning offers companies looking to train their workforce. But a company is more than just its employees—it’s also its partners, suppliers, vendors, clients, and customers. This non-employee external audience is called your “extended enterprise,” and mLearning provides the capability to disseminate knowledge and training, grow branding, and provide support for each group.

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Topics: Mobile Learning, Training, Enterprise, mLearning, Business, Extended Enterprise


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